What’s NEW
– Advanced Dragon Skills! Four powerful new skills for your Dragon to master!
– Dragon Spirit Arena! Step in the Arena and show the world the might of your Dragon Spirit through PvP Spirit fights! Check the event center for details!
– New Lord & Dragon levels!
– Moderator System! Mods are senior players who have a passion for KoA and are willing to assist those new to the game. Contact them easily though Settings>Game Help>Contact Mod. You have the chance to become a Mod by applying in-game!
– New Event! Merlin needs a rare wild orchid to make a medicinal potion. He’ll reward you greatly if you can find it for him!

– Hero Council! Tips added for locked Hero Council positions.
– Gold Event! Upgrade Stage points will now be lost if buildings are demolished.

When the new version is available, you can update to the latest version on the App Store, Google Play or Amazon Store and experience these fantastic new features! Because the update release time can vary between App Stores of different countries, there may be a slight delay for some iOS users. Thanks for your patience!

See you on the battlefield!

Merlin & the KoA Team