In the world of King of Avalon, the road to victory is more than just swords and arrows, there’s a supernatural force beyond imagination that often turns the tide of battle in or against your favor.

Magic, a supernatural power practiced by the gifted individuals, that harness powers from the world around us, in the right hand it can cure diseases and revive the dead, in the wrong hand…it could bring forth death and destruction upon the land.

What will you do?

Dragon Altar

It’s a dragon war out there, sometimes you’re going to need a little something extra. That’s where the Dragon Priestess comes in. Summoning ancient powers, the Priestess is capable of casting Dragon Magic spells which can benefit your Alliance, or devastate an enemy! So if you need payback or want to weaken an Alliance before you hit them with a surprise attack, set the Priestess on them first! If your Alliance is caught off guard and you need blanket protection fast, she can create an instant protective shield for all of your allies. Alternatively use her magic for growth and development. There’s a time and place for everything…