What’s NEW
– The Fire Lands! Explore the ancient home of dragons where only the bravest will survive! Can you handle the heat? Check the Event Center to find out more!
– Alliance Gift Chests! Completing certain tasks will give you Gift Chests containing Gold to share with Alliance members! What’s more, R4 members and above can send Gift Chests obtained with Daily Rewards points to the whole Alliance!
– Dragon Spirit Runestones! You can now embed Runestones in your Dragon Spirit equipment for powerful benefits!
– House of Dice! Roll the dice and try your luck!
– The Midnight Sun Event is coming! The period of the Midnight Sun has brought the fabled White Knights out on their quest for Midnight Gems! If you can locate a mysterious White Knight on the Kingdom map you can trade Midnight Gems for rewards!

– Achievements! Completed Achievements will now be shown at the top of the interface.
– Expired Festival Event Items! February to April festival items can now be traded for rewards. Use them directly in your Inventory.
– Monster Hunt! A mark has been added for Monsters on the map making them easier to find when hunting!
– Advanced Dragon Skills! The level required for new Dragon Skills has been adjusted.
– Battle stats! Battle balancing tweaked for a fairer fight.

When the new version is available, you can update to the latest version on the App Store, Google Play or Amazon Store and experience these fantastic new features! Because the update release time can vary between App Stores of different countries, there may be a slight delay for some iOS users. Thanks for your patience!

See you on the battlefield!

Merlin & the KoA Team