What’s NEW
– World Leaderboards! Compare the Leaderboard rankings across all Kingdoms!
– New translatable Chat languages! Now you can translate Tagalog, Vietnamese & Greek!
– New Temporary Relic! The Buttress Stone can provide your City with auto-shielding against subsequent attacks!
– New Event! Saint Patrick’s Day is coming!

– Invasion Teleport: Confirmation of City placement is now required to prevent you from being attacked during the loading process!
– Scout Report: Quick access to the most recent Scout Report if you have Scouted a City before! A Benefit Comparison feature has also been added to the Scout Report UI!
– Forbidden Labyrinth UI: Now you can check the Forbidden Labyrinth UI even when your Dragon is not in your City.

When the new version is available, you can update to the latest version on the App Store, Google Play or Amazon Store and experience these fantastic new features! Because the update release time can vary between App Stores of different countries, there may be a slight delay for some iOS users. Thanks for your patience!

See you on the battlefield!

Merlin & the KoA Team