2.4.0 Update Announcement

What’s NEW
– The Lucky Shot! Take aim at the Lucky Shot in the Tavern and try and hit the bullseye! Great rewards are on offer, including Golden Equipment Scroll Fragments! Lucky Shot Coins can be obtained from the Daily Rewards as well as certain packages.
– Equipment Gemstones are here! Embed potent Gemstones into your equipment to make it even more powerful!
– Quick Equip! Got some pieces of equipment suitable for war and some for development? Now you can switch between them quickly and easily! Go to Player Profile and hit the new buttons on the left to find out how to unlock.
– New Loading Page! Will you be the next King Arthur?
– Mardi Gras Event! It’s carnival time and there are wild rewards on offer for killing monsters!

– Chat coordinates! Coordinates shared in chat can now also be accessed directly by the Lord who shared them!
– Scout report! The latest Scout report can now be accessed directly from the Scout UI!
– Avalon Occupant UI! Occupant details will now be displayed in Avalon.

When the new version is available, you can update to the latest version on the App Store, Google Play or Amazon Store and experience these fantastic new features! Because the update release time can vary between App Stores of different countries, there may be a slight delay for some iOS users. Thanks for your patience!

See you on the battlefield!

Merlin & the KoA Team